2020 Legend Thunder Snow/ATV 7x23TSTA35 (VIN#17841)

$10,520.00 $8,836.00

Additional Features

Tandem Axle 3500# 5- Bolt Torsion Brakes

78” Interior Height

2000# Tongue Jack w/ Jack Foot

Front and Rear Sport Ramp Flaps

2 Access Doors

Stone Guard

Side Vents

Dome Lights



This all aluminum snow trailer may be where Legend starts, but Thunders pack a punch comparable to other manufacturer’s top of the line offerings. Utilizing the same Legend material and build quality, Thunder aluminum snow trailers offer strength and reliability with fewer bells and whistles found on our deluxe models. The all aluminum Thunder Snow trailer delivers tremendous value without sacrificing performance.


Model                                      7×23

Overall Length                         306″

Overall Width                          102″

Overall Height                          104″

Interior Box Length + V            18′ + 5′ ‘

Interior Box Width                   79″

Interior Height                          78″

Rear Door Type                        Ramp Door

Rear Door Height                     76″

Rear Door Width                      74″

Front Door Type                       Ramp Door

Front Door Height                    74″

Front Door Width                     62″

GVWR                                     7,000#

Estimated Empty Weight          1,980#

Payload                                    5,020#



Axle Type                                E-Z Lube Torsion

Axle Size                                 3,500#

Brakes                                     2 Electric Brakes

Tire Size                                   ST205/75R15

Wheels Gunmetal or Black Aluminum



Cross Members Size                 2″ x 3″ Tube

Cross Member Spacing             24″ OC

Frame                                      2″ x 6″ Perimeter Tube

Roof Bow Size                         1″ x 1.5″ Radius Tube

Roof Bow Spacing                    16″ OC

Roof Profile                             Flat Top

Roof Type                                One Piece All Aluminum

Wall Stud Size                          1″ x 1.5″ Tube

Wall Stud Spacing                    24″ OC



Floor                                        3/4″ Engineered Wood Panel

Interior Walls                           16” Tall 3/4” Wood Kick Plate

Ceilings                                    Optional Finishes

Exterior Skin                            Bonded, Screwless, .030 Alum.



Dome Lights                            2 – Euro Domes

Exterior Lighting Type             Surface Mount LED



Coupler                                    2 5/16″ Straight

Jack                                         2,000# Top-Wind

Fenders                                    ATP Fender

Side Door                                 30″ Road Side RV w/ Flush Lock & Plastic Holdback

Storage                                     Optional

Tie Downs                               Optional

Vents                                       2 Plastic Side Air Vents



Front and Rear Sport Ramp Flaps



Snowmobiles, ATV/UTV, Powersports, Lawn & Landscape



Structural: 2 Years

Aluminum Roof: 25 Years

Engineered Wood Floor: 25 Years